When Does an Injury Qualify for a Settlement?

If you’ve been injured by another party, whether a long-time employer or complete stranger, you may be eligible to receive compensation from that same individual, company, or entity in the form of a settlement.

Personal injury settlements can provide a host of valuable benefits, including financial compensation, protection from public scrutiny, and quick resolution of your dispute. Often, the insurer of a liable party will present you with an initial settlement offer, although plaintiffs have also been known to begin settlement proceedings.

Settlements 101

To reach a settlement agreement, all parties involved must agree on a final resolution, whatever that may be.

In deciding whether a personal injury settlement is right for you, you’ll want to carefully consider your priorities and financial situation. Understand that court trials have the potential to provide a much larger amount of compensation, but they can also be risky, expensive, and time-consuming.

Also remember that accepting a settlement offer bars you from filing any future civil litigation over the same matter. You’ve only got one shot, so use it wisely.

Once you have a basic understanding of what you’re getting into, it helps to begin to gather any evidence that supports your side of the story as it pertains to your personal injury case. Anything from medical records to bystanders to your accident can serve as reliable proof of the extent of your losses and injuries, which will be essential in securing the settlement you desire.

What’s Included in a Personal Injury Settlement?

You will want to clearly emphasize each and every loss and injury to which you’ve been subjected because of the other party’s negligence, as your compensation will primarily rely on these losses and injuries.

Losses commonly suffered in personal injury cases include medical expenses, lost wages or income-earning potential, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life.

You are typically eligible to receive compensation for losses and injuries suffered at any point in time (i.e., past, present, and future), as long as they’re related to the incident in question.

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