NYC Child Victims Act Attorney

If you or your child has suffered because of a predator, you may have new opportunities to file a claim against them under the NYC Child VIctims Act. An attorney can help you seek justice for your child abuse claim. 

When an abuser does the unthinkable, your life is changed in a multitude of ways. You deserve justice and closure, but facing your abuser isn’t always easy.

If you or your child has suffered child sexual abuse, you may have a chance to seek compensation with a lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP. Talk to your NYC Child Victims Act attorney for more details about your recovery options.

What Is the NYC’s Child Victims Act?

Until recently, it was more difficult to file a lawsuit against child abusers in New York. Strict deadlines limited victims’ time limits to file to just a few years. When you’re dealing with severe emotional trauma, especially if your abuser is or was in a position of power, summoning the courage to file a claim can take years.

The New York City Child Victims Act makes that easier. Now, you can file until the age of fifty-five, and for a short period, you may be able to file even if you’re older than that.

You also have fewer limitations preventing you from filing. For example, if you’re suing an institution, such as the Catholic Church, you don’t have to give the same notice that you intend to sue, as you would in other personal injury claims against institutions.

How Can a Child Sexual Abuse Attorney Help?

If you’ve suffered child sexual abuse from an adult in NYC, you may have grounds to file a claim, but how are you supposed to know where to start? You might already be overwhelmed by the situation and afraid to act against your abuser.

A sexual abuse lawyer can be crucial to helping you through this difficult time. Your attorney can help you prepare the evidence and file the right paperwork in a timely manner. They can also represent you in court, which takes the pressure off you to face your abuser in person.

Your Child Victims Act attorney in New York can also explain each step of the process before it happens. During an emotionally fragile time, knowing what to expect can relieve further anxiety. You’ll be able to focus on healing and moving on while your attorney focuses on seeking justice.

Talk to a New York Child Victims Act Lawyer

Whether you’re a parent or a child, sexual abuse is devastating. You might have been hurt by someone you once trusted with your safety or the safety of your child. Now, you’re suffering for their actions.

When your family is going through a sexual abuse claim, make sure you have a lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP on your side. Starting with your free consultation, our lawyers can help you understand your options for help and get guidance, from filing the right paperwork to what to expect in court.

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