July 16, 2024

Personal Injury Law and Its Undeserved Reputation

We’ve all heard the stereotypes. Comics and late-show hosts refer to personal injury attorneys as “ambulance chasers” and portray them as greedy or unscrupulous. While the stereotype does hold a certain comedic value, in most cases it isn’t very close to the truth.

A Few Bad Apples?

So why the sour reputation? Perhaps it’s the few bad apples in the field, or maybe the glut of TV commercials on local channels during weekday programming. Whatever the reason, the stereotype is damaging, because it may prevent some injury victims from seeking help in their time of need.

The Reality of Personal Injury Law

After any sort of injury, people usually turn to their insurance company for help. Of course, insurance companies profit by collecting premiums, not by paying claims. Regrettably, this means that some injured people become a victim twice—once in an accident, then again at the hands of an insurance adjuster.

Personal Injury Attorneys help people during what may be their darkest hour. After an injury, you’re tired, in pain, and may be missing work. Medical bills are piling up, your future is uncertain, and you are likely to be overwhelmed with questions and confusing insurance paperwork. Deciding to find a personal injury lawyer to stand up for your rights can be the light at the end of the tunnel.

The work personal injury lawyers do not only helps individuals, but also benefits our society as a whole. The very existence of personal injury law results in a safer environment and a more level playing field for all. Corporations and individuals have to be concerned about what may happen if they act irresponsibly and endanger others.

And that’s good for everyone.

You, or someone you love, may one day face a situation where you may need to take legal action after an accident. Don’t let popular culture lead you to believe only a greedy person would file a lawsuit after an injury. The law protects those who’ve been injured because of someone else’s carelessness, and the right personal injury attorney can help you get what you deserve in such an instance.

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