NYC Daycare and School Injuries and Liability

Our team of trial lawyers has extensive experience representing families with all types of premises liability claims, including day care and school injury claims arising from:

• Inappropriate contact with minors
• Negligent supervision
• Unsafe playground equipment
• Injuries from fights with other children
• Physical and emotional child abuse
• Failure to meet state nutritional guidelines
• Violations of day care licensing rules

Day care and school injury claims can be highly complicated. Our premises liability attorneys understand the sensitive nature of these claims often involving children at an impressionable age. We are committing to protecting children’s rights without adding any unnecessary complications.

If your child was injured, you may have a legitimate claim covering any medical expenses or emotional distress that your child endured.

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We conduct thorough investigations to understand if the accident could have been prevented with proper measures in place. Our New York City playground injury lawyers consult industry-leading experts to help us prove fault, even when liability is initially unclear. We are also committed to identifying the emotional and physical damages children have endured because of the property owner’s negligent actions.

You may be surprised to learn that many schools and day care centers have an unfortunate history of injury claims against them. Often, suing for significant damages is the only way to ensure the managers will clean up the problems that lead to innocent children’s injuries.

School and day care officials have a legal responsibility to do everything possible to protect students from injury caused by accidents or other children. Unfortunately, too many schools and day care centers neglect their responsibilities, resulting in thousands of unnecessary injuries every year.


At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, our attorneys are ready to help you stand up and fight to protect your child’s rights. We know it is often an emotional decision to bring a lawsuit against a day care provider or your child’s school. Unfortunately, insurance companies fight aggressively to avoid paying a fair settlement. Often, suing for full and fair compensation is the only option that remains.

We are highly experienced in handling premises liability claims and know how to help you secure the compensation you are entitled. Contact our Manhattan day care injury lawyers today for a free initial consultation.


Whether your child was injured at day care or school, you may be able to file a premises liability claim to secure compensation for any damages he or she has endured. Call our New York City law firm today at  1-800-842-8462 (1-800-Victim2) to protect your rights. We offer free initial consultation in New York City, Long Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx.

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