Common Places Slip and Fall Accidents Happen

Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking that this is the day they are going to need the services of a slip and fall lawyer. Rather, most of us go about our day doing whatever it is we do, without any thought of ever slipping and falling. Unfortunately, there are many common places slip and fall accidents happen, and you are sure to recognize many of them as places you walk by every single day. Whether you are shopping, walking into the office, climbing a flight of stairs, or getting some lunch, you may be just a slip away from a trip to the emergency room and a multitude of medical bills.

Common Places Slip and Fall Accidents Happen: The Grocery Store

Believe it or not, one of the most common places a person can experience a slip and fall accident is at the grocery store. There are many reasons for this. First, there is always some kind of produce in the grocery store. If not properly cared for, the water keeping them wet and fresh could leak onto the floor, causing a slip and fall accident. Likewise, a stocker may not move their cart, creating clutter in the aisle, which could lead to a slip and fall accident.

Common places Slip and Fall Accidents Happen: The Sidewalk or Walkways

Walkways and sidewalks are notorious for causing slip and fall accidents Typically, people do not fall if they are walking down a well-maintained, ice- and water-free sidewalk. There is always an element of negligence when a person falls on the sidewalk. What we would have to establish is that the sidewalk, and thereby the people responsible for its upkeep, was the culprit in the slip and fall accident and that it was not your own carelessness that lead to the fall. Unmaintained sidewalks, clutter from a vendor on a sidewalk, walkways that have not been appropriately shoveled for snow, or a failure to put out a “sidewalk wet” sign when doing work are all reasons why people might slip and fall.

Common Places Slip and Fall Accidents Happen: Your Favorite Restaurant

There are many ways a slip and fall can happen in a restaurant. If there is an edge of the carpet that has not been properly nailed down, you could catch your foot on it and fall. If a server or a bartender has dropped ice or a drink, the floor could be slippery and you could have a slip and fall. The bathrooms could be wet without a placement of the appropriate signage, which could lead to a slip and fall. Restaurant owners and by extension, their employees, have a responsibility to keep the place clean, clutter-free, and ensure that customers do not risk a fall. Failure to take these kinds of steps is negligence and could result in a slip and fall lawsuit.

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