Conditions That Cause Indoor Slip and Fall Accidents

Before we look at conditions that cause indoor slip and fall accidents, it is important to better understand why slip and fall accidents almost always result in injury. There are two simple principles:

  1. When the human body comes in contact with an object that is much harder than it, at any speed or velocity, there will be injuries. This is particularly true for older folks.
  2. As soon as you are knocked over, or slip, gravity takes over. This drives your body toward the ground forcefully, in a fall.

Very clearly, when there are conditions that lead to you lose your footing, you could fall and this could result in severe injuries. The question is, what are conditions that may cause indoor slip and fall accidents?

Conditions That Cause Slip and Fall Accidents: Floors

Floors are among the most basic human creation. We walk on them everywhere without ever noticing them, and yet a little negligence by the owner of the floors can lead to a serious slip and fall accidents. Floors are prone to the conditions that cause slip and fall accidents, including:

Being Wet: Floors require cleaning. Often, this cleaning is done with a mop or some other wet tool. Wet floors are hazardous to a person walking on them. It is the responsibility of the person cleaning the floors to ensure that any wet floors are properly marked so people know to walk around this area and hence avoid a slip and fall accident

Being Waxed: Some floors require that they be waxed in order to maintain their appearance. If there is too much wax, which is inherently slippery, on the floor, or if the floor has been waxed in an inconsistent manner, it could result in slick spots where you may easily slip and fall.

Conditions That Cause Slip and Fall Accidents: Stairs

Stairs are also very basic; we use them to get from one floor to the next. However, these too require that they be properly taken care of; otherwise, they can very easily succumb to conditions that cause slip and fall accidents as well, including:

Worn-Out Steps: A step that has been worn out can create a soft spot, which could lead to a person tripping. We place our feet on steps and push upward or downward and so are never completely on balance. If there is a soft spot on the stair from wear, your feet could slip and you could have a bad slip and fall accident.

Missing Hand Rails: As mentioned earlier, when we walk up or down stairs we are never truly fully balanced. This has promoted the need for handrails, which allow us to hold on to them and steady ourselves to avoid a slip and fall accident. If the rails are damaged or missing, they are not able to provide the support required, and a person could easily slip and fall.

Conditions That Cause Slip and Fall Accidents

Most owners of property or businesses know to quickly fix problems that could lead to conditions that cause slip and fall accidents. If they do not take care of these, it could be negligence, and you need to make sure you are protected after a slip and fall accident injury.

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