Conditions That Cause Outdoor Slip and Fall Accidents

There is a legal principle that applies to virtually all slip and fall cases. Regardless of the conditions that cause outdoor slip and fall accidents, ultimately the finger of guilt will rest upon the owner of the property if negligence can be proven. The theory that owners of a property are liable for the accidents that happen on their property is known as premise liability, and is the fundamental basis for a personal injury or slip and fall accident lawsuit should you fall on someone else’s property. It is important to note that the tenant – for example, a restaurant leasing the space where you slipped and fell – is treated the same way as the actual landlord by the law.

Conditions That Cause Slip and Fall Accidents: Snow and Ice

This is the simplest of conditions to understand, which is why it is very likely that if you slip on an icy sidewalk outside a business responsible for that sidewalk, there is a good chance they are negligent and hence, liable. When you look at conditions that cause outdoor slip and fall accidents, snow is the first that comes to mind because we all know that ice is very slippery. When the ice starts to melt after a snowfall, many owners think they can get away with letting nature do their shoveling. The challenge is that when it gets cold at night, that water could freeze, going from snow to much more dangerous ice. Ignoring snow on areas of your property that you know people walk on is negligence.

Two Conditions That Cause Slip and Fall Accidents Involving Snow:

There are two distinct conditions that demonstrate how an owner can be liable for the snow and ice accumulation outside their property. These are:

  • The ice accumulates on the property’s roof. It then melts and drips off the roof, potentially because of a clogged drain. This water then accumulates on the ground and refreezes, causing a slip and fall accident.
  • The owner has a parking lot that is sloped. This slope in the road leads to water runoff, which collects at the bottom and causes ice to form. In this event, the negligence of the property owner or renter in not cleaning up the dangerous situation is relatively clear.

Conditions That Cause Outdoor Slip and Fall Accidents: Lighting

A property owner who knows that there is bad lighting in front of their property could be liable for a person tripping and having a slip and fall accident. Typically, you will not trip and fall if there is a well-paved walkway, even if it is not properly lit. However, if there is an uneven surface with cracks or holes, it could be the owner’s responsibility to make sure people can see where they are walking. In addition, depending on the circumstances, it may also be the owner’s responsibility to fix the uneven surface, especially if they know that this occurs in a poorly lighted area.

Slip and fall accidents typically lead to injuries that can result in serious medical bills or having to take time off work, which could be financially difficult. It is important that if an owner of a property knew about the conditions that cause slip and fall accidents on their property and chose to do nothing about it, they can be held liable for the pain, expense, and loss of income they have caused you.

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