June 19, 2024

Queens Priest Arrested After Sharing Sexually Explicit Photos & Texts & With An Underage Teen

Rev. Francis Hughes, a Priest in Queens, was arrested for allegedly sharing sexually explicit texts and photos with a 15 year old boy. It is also alleged that Rev. Francis Hughes attempted to meet the 15 year old for sex. Father Francis Hughes is listed as the pastor of the St. Pancras Roman Catholic Church in Glendale, part of the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.

According the criminal complaint, Rev. Francis Hughes admitted that he knew the teen was underage. Rev. Francis Hughes also admitted that he had sent the pictures and message. The FBI stated at least half a dozen photos were shared between the priest and the teen since February. As well, Rev. Francis Hughes admitted to having at least one sexual encounter with a teen boy on a Queens school property. Rev. Francis Hughes said he made numerous attempts to meet with other teens.

The FBI has encouraged more victims of Rev. Francis Hughes  to come forward.

You can still have a Clergy Sexual Abuse claim even if the sexual abuse occurred decades ago. On February 14, 2019, New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed the Child Victims Act into law. This legislation allows victims of these crimes to commence a civil lawsuit at any time before they reach 55 years of age. As well, the new law gives all abuse survivors, regardless of their current age, one year to file a civil claim for the abuse they suffered.  One of the barriers that protected these predators has been removed!

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