Queens Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Lawyer

If you or your child has suffered sexual abuse because of a Queens Boy Scout troop leader or member, you may be eligible for compensation because of your suffering. Reach out to a Queens sexual abuse lawyer for help.

Scout programs have become a common way many kids explore the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean all the people involved have your child’s best interests in mind. Sadly, you may have already suffered sexual abuse or discovered that your child has been sexually abused.

Fortunately, you and your family have options to help you recover from your losses with the help of a lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP. Reach out to a Queens Boy Scout sexual abuse lawyer for help with your sex abuse claim.

Identifying Liable Parties in Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Claims

If you or your child has suffered sexual abuse within the Boy Scout program, your first hurdle may be identifying who’s responsible for the abuse and who should pay for your financial recovery. In many cases, the abuser who harmed you is responsible, and they can face criminal charges and civil lawsuits for their actions.

However, they may not be the only liable party. The Boy Scout program has been accused of allowing this abuse to happen through neglect or intentionally hiding evidence of the abuse. Because of this, you may need to speak to your Queens Boy Scout sex abuse lawyer about your losses and who should be included in the lawsuit.

New York’s Child Victims Act and Your Sexual Abuse Claim

Whether you’re fighting for your own financial recovery or your child’s, you might be concerned about your time limits and other considerations when facing a sexual abuse claim. The sexual abuse you suffered may have happened decades ago, and you’re not sure you have legal grounds to act now.

However, recent changes to New York law have made it easier for people to take action against their abusers, including those who suffer sexual abuse through the Boy Scout program. New York’s Child Victims Act lengthens the amount of time you have to sue, which means you may have until you’re 55 years old to file a claim.

Even if you’re older than 55, you may still be eligible during a one-year window after the law passed. Reach out to your Queens sexual abuse lawyer for help acting on time.

Connect with a Queens Boy Scout Sex Abuse Lawyer

If you’ve suffered because a Boy Scout leader or member sexually abused you or your child, you may have grounds to file a claim and seek compensation. The program may have neglected or covered up your abuse, and you may now have grounds to seek compensation for those losses.

At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we understand how tough it can be to face your abuser and seek compensation. Fortunately, your lawyer can represent you in the courtroom, so you know what to expect and what you’re owed after the sexual abuse.

When you’re ready to begin, seek out a Queens Boy Scout sexual abuse lawyer by calling 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or by completing the online form below.

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