Queens Child Molestation Lawyer

If your child was molested by a predator, your family may be eligible for compensation. Reach out to a Queens molestation attorney for help protecting your child.

Knowing that your child was sexually abused is one of the most difficult experiences a parent can endure. Although we try to protect our children from harm, your child may have been hurt by another person. Now, you might be concerned about pushing that person to pay for the suffering they caused.

Your Queens child molestation lawyer can help you seek compensation when your child is sexually abused by another person. The lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP could be vital to the success of your claim, so reach out for help when your child has been injured.

Signs of Child Molestation in Queens

You might not be certain that your child has been molested—you might have noticed some warning signs, though, and you’re concerned about your child’s health and safety. Often, signs of child molestation look like regression and fear. For example, your child may start wetting the bed or suffer from serious nightmares.

You may also notice signs from the abuser. You might notice them trying to get your child alone with them, and they may give your child inappropriate gifts or make questionable comments. Any of these signs could be serious red flags, so contact a Queens lawyer if you suspect your child is being molested.

Legal Actions for a Long Island Child Molestation Claim

When your child has suffered through molestation, you might be concerned about seeking justice for their suffering. You may take legal action, but you may also be unsure whether you’ll be able to sue, or whether you may press charges against the predator.

Typically, a criminal case must be concluded first. The abuser must first face a criminal trial in Queens, where they could be sentenced to prison, fines, and other penalties. Keep in mind that you won’t receive compensation for your child’s suffering this way. Still, your child will be able to press charges until they’re twenty-eight for felony charges, and twenty-five for misdemeanors.

Once the criminal trial is over, you’ll need to file a civil lawsuit against the responsible party. Even if they weren’t found guilty in the criminal trial, your Queens child sexual abuse lawyer can help you seek compensation for your child’s trauma.

Contact a Queens Child Sex Abuse Attorney

If your child has suffered because of a sexual predator, your family may have grounds for a lawsuit against the responsible party. It can be frightening and difficult to sue the other person, though, especially when dealing with such a sensitive, personal issue.

At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we understand just how sensitive your claim is. We want to see your child recover, as well, and we have the tools to help. Reach out for a free consultation, and we’ll talk about your claim before you choose to work with us. We want you to know we’re the right choice for your family.

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