May 19, 2024

Road Rage Harms Innocent Bystander

A Brooklyn teenager who was standing on a sidewalk while engrossed in his cell phone was the victim of a road-rage incident he had nothing to do with. The fourteen-year-old was playing a video game on a Greenpoint corner when a Porsche SUV struck him and sent him flying ten feet “like a rag doll,” according to a witness. After the incident, he was hospitalized and listed in serious condition but is luckily expected to recover.
The accident happened after a Honda’s driver was trying to get out of a parking spot and the SUV’s driver flew into a rage from having to wait while he pulled out. The Porsche’s driver aggressively tried to maneuver around the Honda only to be struck by it. The Porsche then peeled out and jumped the curb. After hitting the teen, the driver reportedly chose to yell at the Honda driver rather than assist the victim.

How to Avoid a Loose Cannon

Road rage incidents can be terrifying, with drivers purposefully rear-ending or sideswiping other drivers and stalking them. The chase often goes on for miles. Too many scared drivers get into secondary crashes as they try to escape the enraged driver on their tail.

The Brooklyn boy had no contact with this driver, and was a completely innocent bystander who was hurt anyway. However, many road rage cases are triggered by common things. The New York Governor’s Traffic Safety Commission suggests the strategies below to avoid setting off a potential aggressive driver. Remember to head to a police station if an aggressive driver starts tailing you. Do NOT go home.

If you suspect you’re dealing with someone under the effects of road rage, these tips can help you stay safe:

  • Don’t Make Angry Hand Gestures – If you make the wrong one, the conflict might get up close and personal.
  • Don’t Use Your Cellphone While Driving – Not only is this New York state law, but it’s also a huge trigger for aggressive types who think your cell phone use is inconveniencing them.
  • Don’t Make Eye Contact – Avoiding the gaze of an aggressive driver can help prevent a vehicular assault.
  • Don’t Tailgate – Trying to control a driver by getting up on his bumper is a good way to enrage him.
  • Don’t Honk or Flash Your Lights – Aggravated minds will see this as a direct challenge.

Where the Law Comes In

Depending on whether violence or harm is involved in a road rage case, criminal charges will vary. In the case described above, the driver was charged with reckless endangerment, which can be either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on how the intent of the driver is perceived. As of the most recent reporting, the SUV driver was out on $1,400 bail.

As for the injuries and property damage sustained by the victims, a personal injury lawyer could initiate a civil case seeking damages for either the pedestrian or the Honda driver’s injuries. These damages could take the form of current and future medical bills, rehab expenses, lost pay, pain and suffering, and more.

New York City Auto Wreck Attorneys

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