May 24, 2024

Robert Greenstein Marches in Memorial Day Parade with Hillary and Bill Clinton

Chappaqua, a quaint hamlet of New Castle, holds an annual Memorial Day parade, and this year Robert Greenstein, attorney and Town Supervisor of New Castle, marched in the parade alongside Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. Several area veterans also marched to honor the fallen, which is a tradition in this picturesque town.

The Clintons live in Chappaqua, and this was the couple’s first appearance together since Mrs. Clinton declared her candidacy April 12.


Greenstein, of Greenstein & Milbauer, marches in the Memorial Day parade each year, as does Mrs. Clinton. Residents from the town and neighboring areas attended, just as they do every year, to take part in the town’s tradition.

The Clintons are not newcomers to the parade, either. They’ve both marched, separately and together, in previous years.

“This parade is about honoring those we’ve lost. That’s what I want to keep focused on and make sure that we pay proper respect to our veterans and especially those who lost their lives,” Mrs. Clinton said.


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