June 15, 2024

Sexual Abuse at Loyola Prep School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

Loyola Prep School is a Jesuit-run co-ed college prep high school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Louis Tambini was a popular history teacher at Loyola Prep School who coached the school’s baseball, basketball, and girls’ volleyball teams. At Loyola Prep School, Louis Tambini molested seven girls in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

According to a report commissioned by the current Loyola administrations, officials at the school failed to notify the police, parents, nor alumni about the sexual abuse allegations. Administrators covered up the allegations. Tambini was simply fired and began teaching at another private school, namely St. Barnard’s School. Long after he was fired, Loyola Prep School continued to cover up Tambini’s history of sexual abuse. Tambini’s name even remained on an annual award given to outstanding male athletes.

New York residents who were sexually abused as children now have until August 14, 2021, to bring a lawsuit, even if the abuse happened decades ago and the case was previously time-barred by the statute of limitations.

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