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No matter what type of injury you’re dealing with, if it was someone else’s fault, a Staten Island injury attorney can help you recover fair compensation.

Getting hurt as a kid may just require a couple of bandages, but getting injured as an adult is rarely child’s play. Whether you were hurt at work or on a skiing trip, you’ll usually face a laundry list of concerns, whether they’re physical, psychological, or financial in nature.

Thankfully, if you’re injured in New York state, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your various injuries and losses by filing a personal injury claim. This endeavor isn’t as simple as it may sound, however, which is why many victims hire a Staten Island injury lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP.

Brain Injuries

Brain damage is perhaps the most serious type of injury you can sustain, as the human brain is incapable of regenerating its own cells. Whether you believe you’ve sustained brain damage in a car crash, fall, or some other type of accident, it’s extremely important to seek out medical care as quickly as possible.

While some brain injuries may be harder to recover from than others, it never pays to let someone else determine your fate. From the least serious concussions to a hemorrhaging brain, an injury lawyer in Staten Island can help you in your quest for financial relief.

Spine Injuries

Injuries to the back and spine can, in the worst cases, lead to paralysis below the affected area. Such injuries can completely change your life—and permanently.

In less severe cases, you might experience chronic pain and an inability to complete daily tasks. All of the many possible effects of spinal injuries warrant compensation if they’re occurring because of someone else’s negligence. A Staten Island injury claim lawyer can make sure justice is served.

Broken Bones

Bone breaks can occur in a multitude of ways, all while afflicting different people to varying degrees.

Some common types of bone breaks include complete fractures (when the bone is broken throughout), comminuted fractures (when the bone is left in multiple fragments), and open fractures (when the bone is visible through the skin).

Although most bone breaks heal, some may have a longer recovery time than others. You will likely be eligible to receive compensation for the entire length of time you expect to be out of commission due to your fracture.

Severe Burns

Burns, as you likely already know, come in three distinct varieties: first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree.

First-degree burns may result in pain and reddening of the skin but are considered fairly manageable, even without a doctor’s care. Second-degree burns often carry more serious consequences, including worsened pain and reddening, blistering, and numbness, accompanied by a longer recovery time.

Lastly, third-degree burns char not only your outer layer of skin (the epidermis), but all of the layers below (the dermis). Third-degree burns absolutely require medical attention, and extreme measures, such as skin grafting, may be necessary. All levels of burns can warrant a Staten Island injury claim under the right circumstances.


It’s fine to joke about going into a “food coma,” but after a serious accident in Staten Island, becoming comatose is no laughing matter. Comas are often caused by severe head impacts, but they can also come as the result of seizures, strokes, brain infections, and a lack of oxygen to the brain.

While in a coma, your brain has essentially shut off. Comatose states usually last no longer than a month, but in some cases, an individual may remain unconscious for years. No matter the severity of your coma, you will need expert and around-the-clock care to recover, which isn’t light on the wallet.

Emotional Trauma

Physical harm often leaves scars on the psyche, rendering a full recovery more difficult.

Emotional trauma is unique in that it can affect not only a victim of physical harm, but an outsider to the situation (such as a family member or close friend). In a Staten Island injury case, all emotional wounds should be clearly disclosed, along with the cause and likely intent behind the injurious action.

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In times of crisis, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a helping hand, whether from family, friends, members of your community, and qualified lawyers. Some law firms can make an injury victim’s life even harder, charging unreasonably exorbitant fees while offering substandard legal services.

With a Staten Island injury lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP by your side, however, you can feel as if you’re working with an attorney whose main investment is in your future and wellbeing. Contact us via phone at 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or fill out the form below to schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation.

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