February 22, 2024

What Does the Child Victims Act Mean for New York Sex Abuse Lawsuits?

If you’ve suffered sexual abuse, or if you’re concerned that your child may have suffered sexual abuse, the new Child Victims Act in New York may be on your mind. This act could change things for those considering a sex abuse lawsuit in the state.

However, you may not be sure what these changing laws mean for you. Will you still be able to file? Fortunately, these laws generally make it easier for families to seek compensation for their losses because of sexual abuse. Below are two of the most impactful ways the Child Victims Act is changing sexual abuse claims.

Longer Time Limits

Before the Child Victims Act was enacted, families were extremely limited in the time they had for a lawsuit. It can take time for people to come forward with sexual abuse allegations, and since this law relates to child victims, the victims were minors at the time the abuse occurred. Many families only had a few years to review their options for compensation and seek out a claim, which often wasn’t enough time.

Now, New York’s time limits for filing a sexual abuse claim has grown. If you’re under 55, you may be eligible for compensation with the help of your child sexual abuse lawyer. If you act within the one-year window after the act’s passing, you may be eligible for compensation even if you’re over 55.

Removal of Notice of Claim Requirements

Previously, you didn’t just have tight deadlines for your sex abuse claim. You were also required to notify the liable party of the claim within a short time period. This notice would let them know that you were preparing a claim, which gave them time to prepare. Unfortunately, that made suing almost impossible for many affected families.

The removal of these notice of claim requirements should give families even more time to act. Now, you don’t have to serve a notice of claim to the abuser. You can instead work with your attorney to build your claim and seek compensation, giving you more time to consider your claim and act on it.

Get Help Understanding the New York Child Victims Act

If you were sexually abused as a child, you may have been especially worried about these changing laws, especially if you thought you wouldn’t be eligible to file a claim. Now, many people who suffered in silence are getting a new chance to file a lawsuit, but they may not realize what the Child Victims Act means for New York sex abuse victims.

That’s where your lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help. Starting with a free consultation, we can explain how these changes will affect your claim, and we can review what you can expect when you seek compensation through your lawsuit.

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