June 19, 2024

What Is an Insurance Medical Exam (IME)?

In New York personal injury cases, an IME is incorrectly referred to as an “Independent Medical Exam.” There is nothing independent about it! An IME is an Insurance Medical Exam. The insurance company selects the doctor to perform the exam. The insurance company pays the doctor. These exams are used to deny your claim.

Insurance Medical Exam FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can I Refuse to Attend an IME?

A refusal to attend an IME can result in a denial of your no-fault benefits. In fact, this denial can be retroactive to the date of your accident.

Can I reschedule my IME?

You are allowed to reschedule your IME once, and only once.

Why is the insurance company scheduling multiple exams with different types of doctors?

If you are treating with multiple specialties, like an orthopedist or neurologist, the insurance company is entitled to have you examined by a doctor in each specialty. That’s how they deny your no-fault benefits for each specialty.

Should I bring my medical records to the IME?

The answer is no. Despite what their letter says, it’s not your responsibility to supply those records. You are not required to bring those records”

What should I expect in an IME?

An IME will include a physical examination. While the doctor may ask you questions about your medical history, you should not answer questions relating to the facts of the accident.

Do I need to complete forms at the IME?

We advise our clients NOT to fill out any detailed forms at the IME.  However, you can fill out your name, date of birth and date of accident.

Does a no-fault denial mean I need to stop my treatment?

No. It is important to note that the no-fault denial is limited to the specialty of the examining doctor. For example, only your orthopedic treatment may be denied.  It does not apply to all of your treatment  More importantly, the no-fault denial means the no-fault carrier will not voluntarily pay for future treatment. The no-fault carrier may still end up paying for future treatment. You should discuss your options with your lawyer and treating doctor.

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