July 21, 2024

Who’s Liable for My Injuries in an Apartment Fire?

Apartment fires can be devastating both physically and emotionally. You might also have lost much of your property and personal belongings. All of these things added together can be frustrating and difficult. When you are living in an apartment complex, you might be wondering who exactly is liable for the fire and the injuries that you received because of it. 

Knowing who is liable will help you to understand your options and what you should do next. An injury lawyer from our firm wants to help.

When Is It the Landlord’s Responsibility? 

Your landlord or other property owner has certain responsibilities when it comes to protecting you and the property against fire. In some cases, fires may be the fault of the landlord, and they will have to be held liable. Usually, if the landlord is liable, it’s because they failed to do something in the apartment that would have made it safer for you. 

Some examples are:

  • Lack of smoke detectors
  • Faulty wiring 
  • Defective smoke alarms 
  • Lack of fire alarms 
  • Blocked fire exits 
  • Building code violations 
  • Overcrowding 

All states have different rules when it comes to fire alarms and access routes outside of the building. However, all states also require that apartments have working fire alarms and that the building codes meet the requirements for exit routes in case of a fire. 

All landlords are required to install safety measures that can minimize the impact of fires and the injuries people can receive from them. 

If you were injured from a fire in your apartment building, you should check that your landlord did the following:

  • Ensured that the property’s electrical wiring is installed and up to code. 
  • Provided fire escapes and sprinkler systems as well as fire extinguishers in the hallways and apartments. 
  • Provided adequate means of escape in the event of a fire with well-labeled exit routes. 
  • Followed all building codes. 

If you find that the landlord did not do all of these things or otherwise cut corners, you might have reasons to file a lawsuit. 

When to Speak with a Premises Liability Lawyer 

If you are planning to file a lawsuit against the apartment building or landlord, it’s always a good idea to talk to a lawyer regarding your case. They can help file the claims and make sure that the apartment building and landlord are held accountable for the injuries and property damage you have suffered. 

Battling a case against an apartment complex, property management company, or landlord can be difficult. Allowing a lawyer to help you will ensure that you have someone on your side to help you every step of the way. 

Get Ahold of a Lawyer After an Apartment Fire

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