Who’s Responsible for a T-Bone Accident in New York?

One moment, you’re crossing an intersection as the light turns green. The next, you’ve been struck in the side, and you’re seriously injured. 

When you’ve been T-boned in a New York City car accident, you may have suffered severe injuries that warrant a lawsuit. The problem is, you may be unsure who’s liable for your injuries when you’re so seriously injured. So who’s responsible for your accident? 

At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we understand how difficult identifying the at-fault party can be. That’s why we’re here to help. Reach out for guidance if you’re struggling to determine fault for your accident. 

Gathering Evidence for Your Car Accident Claim 

Often, when you’re hurt in a T-bone accident, it’s because another driver failed to follow the rules of the road. For example, they may have been texting as they approached the intersection, and they didn’t see the red light until they had entered the intersection and struck you. 

If you believe the other driver may have been at fault for your injuries, your car accident lawyer can start gathering evidence against them for your claim. For example, eyewitnesses may have seen them using their phone, and they may have evidence that the other driver broke the rules of the road, not you. Security cameras can also support these claims. 

Keep in mind that, just because the other driver caused your accident, they may not be the one you need to sue. For example, they may have been on the job when the accident happened. If they were driving within the scope of their employment, their employer may be liable for your injuries. 

Accidents Caused by Mechanical Failure

But maybe the other driver was paying attention—they just weren’t able to stop in time and avoid the accident you suffered. Who’s at fault when, for example, the other driver’s brakes failed? 

Mechanical failures may be the fault of the manufacturer or the mechanic responsible for the faulty part. The part may have had a known defect, for example, or they may have carelessly replaced a part that caused the accident. 

If a manufacturer failed to ensure their product was safe for consumers to use, they may be held responsible for your injuries, expenses, and suffering. Talk with your car accident lawyer about the injuries you’ve suffered and the compensation you’re due. 

Connect with a Lawyer after a T-Bone Accident 

When you’re hurt in a serious car accident, you need compensation that covers those costs. But how do you know who to sue when you’re hurt and struggling to overcome the suffering you experienced? 

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