June 19, 2024

Woman Suffers Head Injury in Construction Scaffolding Accident

An innocent woman was struck in the head by construction debris as she walked in the Bronx with her two small children. She had to be rushed, bleeding from the head, to St. Barnabas Hospital with paramedics attending to her.

The accident happened in Norwood at 3160 Webster Avenue and E. 205th Street at about 1:00 p.m. when high winds caused a pole to come loose and hit the thirty-nine-year-old in the forehead. At the time of the accident, construction workers were taking down a sidewalk bridge. A stop-work order was subsequently put in place by New York City Buildings Department inspectors.

Injuries Appear Minor

While the woman was released later in the day in stable condition, this situation could have been much worse. Thankfully, her nine-month-old and three-year-old sons were unhurt, and hopefully the woman’s injuries were superficial.

However, the extent of head injuries is often not known until several weeks after an accident. It’s possible that the victim will suffer headaches, dizziness, and other symptoms of a concussion. In some cases victims can walk away from a bump to the head and later succumb to the symptoms of what’s known as a “brain bleed,” medically termed a subdural hematoma.

Construction Workers Protected

While it would not have covered the Bronx woman, New York City has a scaffolding law that protects construction workers who are hurt on the job. It mandates that construction companies inform workers of the danger they may face on each project and of the hazard of falling or being hit by something that falls.

This measure is quite unpopular with building companies as it restricts their actions and puts onus on them. Although this law does not apply to passersby, it illustrates the fact that businesses must act responsibly to keep people safe. The frequency of New York City scaffolding accidents is a preventable disaster.

Textbook Example of a Personal Injury Claim

This particular accident is a perfect example of a potential personal injury lawsuit. These types of legal matters arise when someone is injured because of the negligence or wrongful actions of someone else. This construction site had been problematic before when In August it had received a violation citation for air conditioning and heating equipment installation not adhering to its permit.

While there were high winds the day of this accident, it’s possible that the workers or the company they worked for did not act with the safety of the public in mind. If the Bronx woman did suffer serious head trauma or emotional damage, financial damages could be sought for any past or future medical expenses, any income lost due to an inability to work, and any other financial burdens or non-economic losses caused by the accident or injury.

Personal injury law exists to help New Yorkers who have been hurt by someone or something else. Many cases can be worked out with insurance companies and never go to trial. However, the insurance companies prey on people’s ignorance regarding how much their case is worth. The end result is people walking away with what they consider decent money when they’ve actually been short-changed.

New York City Construction Accident Lawyers

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