Preparing to Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim

Wrongful death claims are emotionally hard to handle. You’re asked to think logically after experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one. Practical advice is often needed, but it can be difficult to handle a case even with the best advice. 

At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we understand that you’re in a difficult, confusing place. If you’re struggling to prepare to pursue a wrongful death claim, reach out for guidance from our attorneys. 

Know Whether You Have a Wrongful Death Claim 

File an official complaint with the police department so that your loved one’s death is officially recorded as an accident caused by someone’s negligence. Generally, it’s best to go to the police station in the area where the incident happened to get details from emergency responders.

The next step is determining whether or not you have grounds for filing a wrongful death lawsuit. You should consult an attorney who focuses on wrongful death claims before moving forward with your case.

Once your lawyer agrees there’s merit to your claim and that compensation should be paid out to you, it’s time to move forward with filing official paperwork in court.

Gather Evidence for Your Claim

Your lawyer will then begin gathering information about your family member’s passing and what happened leading up to their wrongful death. This includes obtaining police reports, first responder statements, and other evidence from witnesses who saw or heard what happened. 

Gather medical records and healthcare-related documents to prove your family member’s death was the result of someone’s negligence. This information can also help show how serious their condition was at the time of their death, which could help increase the amount you receive in damages.

Your lawyer can use this evidence to determine what your claim is worth. This can be difficult when you’re struggling to recover from your injuries, so talk to your lawyer about your evidence and what damages you’re due. These cover everything from your loved one’s burial expenses to your grief. 

Take Your Claim to Court

Once evidence is gathered, it will be used as part of your wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible for causing your loved one’s passing. Your lawyer may focus on their negligence or even intentionality, such as in cases of murder.

When preparing for court, inform your lawyer about any expectations you have regarding the compensation you think you deserve. Be sure you include even intangible losses, like pain and suffering and loss of consortium.  

Also, be sure to tell your lawyer about financial losses like lost income and future projected lost income. This helps your lawyer calculate a fair settlement or know how much compensation to fight for if your case goes to trial.

Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim with an NYC Attorney 

Preparing to pursue a wrongful death claim may not be familiar, but you don’t have to do it alone, either. Our law firm is ready to fight for you, starting with your free consultation. 

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