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If a serious injury has left you wondering how to handle the resulting financial losses and other damages, speak with a Yonkers personal injury lawyer to find out if you can pursue a claim against those responsible.

From minor scrapes and bruises to serious and debilitating injuries, we have all been injured at some point in our life. With catastrophic injuries, the pain and stress of such an overwhelming experience can have a profoundly negative effect on your life—especially when the injury was caused because of someone else’s negligence.

Many accidents are the result of the reckless and careless actions of others. From car crashes to slip-and-falls, these accidents are most often preventable. The consequences can be devastating, leading to life-changing and permanent injuries, possibly even death.

If your injury was caused by the carelessness of another, a Yonkers personal injury lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer can examine your case and plan the best course of action to fight and recover just compensation for what you’ve been through.

Safety Issues and Serious Injuries

A lack of necessary safety considerations and the reckless actions of others are the leading causes of accidental injuries. Many of these accidents could have been avoided if proper safety precautions were in place. For instance, a restaurant and its workers are obligated to keep their patrons safe. If you fall because of a wet, slippery floor and suffer a head injury as a result, the restaurant and the owner may be financially liable for covering your losses.

Although many accidents cause only minor wounds, severe injuries can be sustained that require long-term or lifelong medical care and treatment. Not only are you suffering physical and emotional pain, but the enormous financial strain may also be weighing you down.

We Handle Many Kinds of Personal Injury Cases

Catastrophic injuries can result from a multitude of different scenarios. You are entitled to file a personal injury claim as long as your injuries were caused by the negligence of another person or entity—even if it was a government agency.

Your Yonkers personal injury lawyer will help you recover damages for all your losses by fully examining the evidence, building a strong case, and proving fault. While you recover, we will handle all the legal details so that you can concentrate on healing.

We will represent you and protect your rights, no matter what your accident’s circumstances. Some examples include the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – You can seek damages from a driver who was at fault. Likewise from a trucking, bus, taxi, or rideshare company when your accident was caused by their negligence.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – You can file a civil tort claim when the driver of a motor vehicle caused your injury while you were riding a motorcycle.
  • Product Liability – If you were injured by a defective product, you can file a claim against the manufacturer, distributor, advertiser, or retailer if they were negligent.
  • Premises Liability – If you were injured on someone else’s property and the property owner or manager failed to keep you safe, you can file a personal injury claim.
  • Workplace Accident – If you were hurt while on the job by a third party outside of your company, you may be entitled to damages beyond what work comp offers.
  • Wrongful Death – If a loved one was killed as the result of someone else’s negligence, your Yonkers personal injury lawyer can seek damages for your financial losses and lost companionship.

Other personal injury cases we handle include dog bite injuries, construction accidents, medical malpractice, and aviation and train wrecks.

Dealing with Insurance After a Catastrophic Injury

Recovering from your injuries can be a painful and overwhelming journey. You are legally entitled to pursue a claim and seek damages from the person or business that caused your injuries.

We want to ensure that you recover all the damages applicable to your case. Fighting for your rights and battling insurance companies is a process that requires experience and detailed knowledge of personal injury law.

Insurers will offer the smallest settlement possible. It is our job to aggressively fight for fair and full compensation on your behalf. Do not accept an offer without consulting us first, so that we can ensure that your rights are respected.

Your Yonkers personal injury lawyer will work on your behalf to recover all the losses related to your injury, which may include any of the following:

  • Lost wages and future income
  • Medical expenses, both current and future
  • Rehabilitation, physical therapy, and medication
  • Pain and suffering and emotional distress
  • Punitive damages
  • Cost to remodel your home or obtain an appropriate vehicle if you were disabled

Contact a Yonkers Serious Injury Lawyer

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