Slip-and-Fall Lawyer New York City

Every year, millions of people visit emergency rooms across the country, having been hurt in a slip-and-fall accident. Many of these occur in New York City. If you have been injured in a trip-and-fall accident in New York City, you need a slip-and-fall lawyer New York City to represent you and ensure that you are treated fairly. This includes ensuring that you get any medical bills taken care of, are properly compensated for the loss of ability to work, and also that the person responsible for your slip and fall understands the error of their ways so the accident does not happen again.

Slip-and-Fall Lawyers: Defendants

Very often, the people who may face a slip and fall claim already have a slip and fall lawyer on retainer. This means they are already preloaded and ready to deal with any claim you might have. Unfortunately, there are cases of fraud brought by slip and fall lawyers, which has made many of the lawyers and even the defendants very wary of these kinds of claims. They are reluctant to admit any negligence and will seek to disqualify your claims. Our job, as your slip-and-fall lawyer in New York City, is to make sure that does not happen.

Trip-and-Fall Lawyer New York City: Plaintiff

As your slip-and-fall lawyer in New York City, we know the burden of proof is upon us to show that the other party was negligent and contributed directly to your injuries. We already know that we will be facing slip-and-fall lawyers in New York City who are going to try and prove the opposite. This is not personal, because if a company can prove that you were responsible for your own condition – i.e., you caused the circumstances that lead to your slip and fall accident – then they can shift responsibility to you and be off the hook.

Slip-and-Fall Lawyer New York City: The Definition of Reasonable

When it comes to proving liability in a trip-and-fall accident, the burden of proof remains upon the plaintiff, or the one bringing the suit – in simple words: you. The court system is designed to be as fair as possible and as such has established criteria for reasonable expectations. What this means is that the court will be weighing your situation to determine any number of things like:

  1. In the accident, could the defendant have taken steps that would reasonably have prevented your accident from occurring? In other words, could they have done something simple and expected, like putting up a “wet floor” sign?
  2. In the slip-and-fall accident, did you contribute to the accident in any way? In other words, did you ignore the “wet floor” sign and walk over them anyway?
  3. Would a reasonable person have taken precautions to prevent someone from getting hurt? (Back to the simple things, like placing a “wet floor” sign.)
  4. Is there a level of contributory negligence on your part for which you too should be held accountable?

Slip-and-Fall Lawyer New York City: Who Is responsible?

There is no such thing as a cut-and-dry case when it comes to personal injury. The cases your slip and fall lawyer New York city represent aren’t any different. It is very easy to bring a claim of slip-and-fall, even if there is no evidence to suggest that the person being sued has any liability. Previously, courts would decide on an all-or-nothing basis. What this meant was if the court found that you were even slightly responsible, they would waive the responsibility of the other party. On the other hand, if the court found that they were liable, you would get taken care of. Courts today are much more inclined to believe that there is an element of guilt on both sides of the equation and hence look at comparative negligence. If we can prove that your own carelessness would not have resulted in the accident apart from the carelessness, which we call negligence, then there is a greater chance your case will proceed.

 Is It Important to Have Your Own Slip-and-Fall Lawyer in New York City?

Simply put, yes. At the end of the day what you need to remember is two things:

  1. The people at the store, the owners of the restaurant, the landlord, none of these people have your best interest at heart because they believe you are trying to get money out of them. Their slip-and-fall lawyers in New York City have one job: to make sure you do not get taken care of.
  2. If you have been injured, there will be expenses such as medical bills or you might lose income from time off work. It is important to get you the compensation you need in these times.

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