Long Island Truck Accident Lawyer

You don’t just get over a truck accident. You’re likely facing years of therapy and plenty of expenses. Call a Long Island truck crash lawyer who can help.

While all collisions can be a source of considerable grief, truck accidents are more likely than other types of motor vehicle accidents to result in serious, if not life-threatening, outcomes.

For example, on top of a host of health concerns, your crash will likely leave you saddled with a mountain of debt. As a safe and responsible driver, you don’t deserve that.

Fortunately, if your accident took place in the state of New York, you may be able to find relief for your various injuries and losses through filing a personal injury claim, which is intended to help you get back on a more stable footing.

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Fault in Long Island Semi-Truck Wrecks

Victims of semi-truck and 18-wheeler wrecks will typically need to put in a bit of legwork to obtain adequate damages, particularly considering how easy it is for truck drivers to deflect blame.

Due to the legal standard of comparative negligence, which allows fault to be split among multiple parties in a given accident, you may even find yourself saddled with some liability, hampering your ability to receive the damages you both need and deserve.

Comparative negligence makes it so a plaintiff’s damages are limited by the extent he or she is found at fault in the collision. Being found 25 percent at fault for your own injuries, for instance, would decrease your award by 25 percent.

Although proving negligence in a Long Island truck accident is often easier said than done, there are a few telltale signs that can hint at a trucker’s lack of due care.

Common actions and behaviors that may hint at negligence include the following:

A Drowsy Driver

Operating an 18-wheeler or semi-truck without proper rest is not only extremely dangerous, but it can be used to hint at poor judgment in a personal injury case.

One item you may want to look at, for example, is whether the truck driver who collided with you had worked more hours than legally allowed. To be clear, sleepiness can manifest as anything from daydreaming to dozing off behind the wheel.

A Distracted Driver

Today’s age of social media and endless notifications can easily lead to distraction, but while driving, our attention must stay on the road. Proof that a truck driver was distracted by technology—or a more traditional culprit, such as a nearby accident or an argument with a passenger—can serve as the basis for a successful Long Island truck accident claim.

An Intoxicated Driver

Everyone knows that drunk driving is against the law, but driving under the influence of any drug—whether illicit, over-the-counter, or prescription—may also be considered illegal and negligent. Intoxication by drugs other than alcohol is much more common than you may believe.

Loose Cargo

Even the smallest piece of unsecured truck cargo can lead to serious injury, prompting a thorough investigation into who’s to blame. In these types of cases, the at-fault individual may not be the driver, but another party, such as a loader or manufacturer.

Poor Road Maintenance

Localities, including cities and counties, have a clear expectation to properly maintain their roads. Failing to keep a street in good repair may expose that jurisdiction—instead of, or in addition to, a truck driver—to a personal injury lawsuit.

Note that your Long Island truck accident case may involve any number of factors, including some that may not be listed above.

How Your Long Island Truck Crash Claim Should Look

Truck accident victims in Long Island must make sure their personal injury claims clearly detail all of their losses and injuries.

Your Injuries

Injuries commonly associated with truck accidents in Long Island include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions and contusions
  • Spinal cord injuries, including full or partial paralysis
  • Facial injuries, including eye damage
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Open wounds and lacerations
  • Burns
  • Amputations
  • Organ damage or failure
  • Internal bleeding
  • Death

Your Losses

Losses, which typically focus on non-physical harm, may include medical expenses, lost income or wage-earning potential, pain and suffering, emotional distress, repair or replacement of your damaged vehicle, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life, among many others.

You are eligible to not only request compensation for losses and injuries that have affected you in the past and present, but those that you expect to have lingering effects in the future.

As a general tip, it’s wise to gather all of the evidence you can to substantiate your losses and injuries, including medical records and witness testimony, as this can bolster your claim. Your truck accident lawyer in Long Island can help you with this process.

Understanding Time Constraints That May Affect Your Case

One potential constraint on your ability to recover compensation after a truck accident is your case’s statute of limitations, which describes how long from the date of your crash you will be given to file a claim.

In New York, personal injury victims are given three years to pursue damages. This cutoff point is only extended under rare circumstances, such as later discovery of your injuries.

This deadline emphasizes the importance of moving quickly. One solid way to speed up your case is to partner with a Long Island 18-wheeler accident lawyer.

Speak with a Long Island Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Unlike a fender-bender or minor collision, a serious impact with an 18-wheeler or semi-truck is likely to demand a long recovery. What’s done is done, but you can still improve your chances of quickly returning to full health by filing a detailed personal injury claim, which may assist you with the financial issues tied to your wreck.

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